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Bo’s Art Trio



1- Onechte Kindertjes –bastard kids- (J.G Hinse)  3:07
2- 4 sake (B v d Graaf) 8:00
3- Zachte Regen -soft rain- (B v d Graaf) 4:40
4- Somberman (B v d Graaf) 6:40
5- SMRTLP -trjrkr- (B v d Graaf) 5:20
6- Breuk -fraction- (F v Duijnhoven)  4:50
7- Bang voor de Bullebak -Afraid of the bogeyman- (H Bannink) 5:05
8- Ringbraam (M Braam) 1:04
9- Final Statement (B v d Graaf) 4:00



10- BATimpro (Braam,v Duijnhoven,v d Graaf) 3:51

total playing time  48.05






Bo van de Graaf  soprano, alto & tenorsax

Michiel Braam piano

Fred van Duijnhoven  drums


Simon Vinkenoog  live Poetry. poems: “a sane revolution"  DH Lawrence 1928, Jazz and Poetry  Vinkenoog 2005.




Recorded live at HotHouse / De Burcht Leiden April 28 2007

Recorded, mixed and edited by Mark Peters.

Produced by Bo van de Graaf.

Thanks to the Fund for the Creation of Music Amsterdam Holland

Coverdesign  Marianne Brouwer





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some reviews on our previous CD COBRA (icdisc.nl  0502)



(….) Braam has ludicrous chops and a wide-ranging sensibility- he can go from stride to bop to a Cecil Taylor-esque free tirade in the span of a couple of seconds. Van de Graaf’’s technique is just jaw dropping. He’s smooth (not glib),soulful and hysterically imaginative. Van Duijnhoven lays down the rhythms with smarts and spunk. When he’s not tearing things up,he’s gracefully emboidering the silences. The way these Netherlanders work together you’d think they share the same brain. Even in such a comparatively merit-driven music as jazz, overhyped junk junk often shouts down quality stuff like this. Not here, not today. Bo’s da Bomb ! Jazz Times USA Chris Kelsey   feb. 2006


(….) It is difficult to sum up their style of play. It is not free jazz, although it is unconstrained; it is certainly not traditional, although it displays an acute awareness of the music’s past; it simultaneously looks forward and back.

Bo’s saxophone playing is free-flowing and his tone is very easy on the ear, best demonstrated by his prolonged solo on “SMRTLP” the best example of the full trio at work, which shows them to be totally in touch with each other’s thoughts and reactions, in that way that only comes about through prolonged playing together (or telepathy). Drummer Fred van Duijnhoven admirably gives the music a pulse while pianist Michiel Braam roams free.  All about Jazz NY John Eyles 2006