Saxophonist, bandleader and composer Bo van de Graaf is the “primus inter pares” of this ten piece band. He developed many remarkable musical  projects and concept-concert series such as Fellini/Rota, Gluteus Maximus, Aida according to I Compani, Circusism, Last Tango in Paris, Mangiare and Diva’s.


More than 800 concerts were played all over Europe, featuring over 60 musicians, most of them well known in the Dutch Jazz/Impro scene. The results are published on some 15 CDs. Contemporary European Jazz and improvised music seamlessly blends together with film, poetry and theatre. The music is mainly composed by Bo van de Graaf but he also arranged music by Nino Rota, and Giuseppe Verdi (Aida). For the Last Tango in Paris project, film music composer Loek Dikker adapted the original music by Gato Barbieri. The I Compani sound reminds of a spicy, eclectical mixture of elements from the Balkan, vaudeville, tango, Mediterranean, contemporary jazz- and circus music. The actual program is called DIVA’s ,  Ode to the Goddesses of cinema. In progress is: VERDI 2.00.(2013/’14).

Part of the production Divas is Diva Dolorosa: A compilation of historical Italian diva movies (1913-1925) with new film music by Loek Dikker. Many film divas are being honored in Divas: Scenes from movies with Brigitte Bardot (et Dieu créa ... la femme), Mae West, Jane Fonda, Romy Schneider, Anita Ekberg, Monica Bellucci and many other divine actresses are accompanied with characteristic music by I Compani.

The musicians playing with saxophonist/leader Bo van de Graaf are:
Christoph Mac-Carty piano, Michel Mulder bandoneon, Jacqueline Hamelink cello, Aili Deiwiks violin, Hans Sparla trombone, Jeroen Doomernik trumpet, and the rhythm tandem of double bassist Arjen Gorter and drummer Rob Verdurmen (both known from the Willem Breuker Collective). Veejay Martijn Grootendorst completes the lineup.

For special occasions I Compani performs with a smaller or sometimes bigger line up (between 2 and 25 musicians)

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